People + Information

I care about connecting people and information—whether it's the reference desk, a classroom setting, or a digital library. Facilitating learning and discovery is the core of what I do. As an information professional, I seek to benefit local communities and global audiences by focusing on innovative services and strategic partnerships.



I have extensive experience providing library services, including several years with leadership and supervisory experience. I also have a professional expertise in cataloging and metadata management. You can find more details in my résumé.

Teaching & Research

I've taught both graduate and undergrad students, in classrooms and online. My teaching philosophy outlines what I value about engaging with the learning enterprise. My teaching interests include information organization and access, metadata for knowledge discovery, information architecture, and digital libraries. I have various research interests related to knowledge organization and technology.



I stay engaged in various ways, including service activities and conference participation. Some of my recent presentations and panel sessions include What Happens to the Library Catalog in the Age of Linked Data? (ALA annual · June 2017), Linked Data Literacy (invited talk for staff of Innovative Interfaces Inc. · January 2016), and Linked Data and What it Means for Your Library (IUG annual conference · April 2015). You can find more details in my résumé.

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